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“Neurological Disorder? The muscles in my right leg had disappeared by approximately 60% resulting in an inability to run, ride a bike, walk quickly without the risk of my right foot dragging on the ground and tripping me over. If I made the mistake of trying to run the consequences were an inability to stop if going downhill and serious pain in my pelvis for about 3 weeks. I was rapidly heading towards a walking stick to walk uphill.
I saw an article by Jo in the Bournemouth Daily Echo that described my symptoms very closely; a review of the website encouraged me even further; until I saw the price of treatment. However, when I showed this to my wife she said do it, if it works it will be worth every penny. How right she was.
I already had a full mainstream investigation 15 years ago that resulted in “We can see you have a problem, but we don’t know what has caused it, nor what we can do about it” In addition I had a lot of Chiropractic/Osteopathic care going back over 20 years which brought temporary improvements only.
Jo carried out a full assessment of my body mechanics, identified some key dysfunctions and set out a plan; outlining the methods that she would use to deal with them. It was also made clear that I needed to commit fully to the exercise programme that she would prescribe throughout the process.
I have now reached a key milestone in my rehabilitation, on a holiday in the USA I was able to do some limited jogging along the beach; no falling over, no consequential pelvic pain and a feeling of utter euphoria. There is still considerable work to do on my part and Jo continues to support, guide and mentor me along the way. My short term target is to be able to walk quickly consistently for about 40 minutes at a time without falling over or lurching like a drunken duck. Today I achieved about 20 minutes which is brilliant and this time last year was unlikely.
A major life improvement has been the lucky consequence of that article in the local rag.
What did Jo do to facilitate this remarkable turnaround? Easier to say what she did not do; no bone crunching; no surgery; no pills. This was only possible because Jo is committed to researching how the body works, (to a degree that is awe inspiring). The initial key correction was to one of the smallest muscles in the lower half of the body which had stopped doing its job and in consequence sent the other leg muscles into hibernation. From this correction all other things (and there were a good number of them), became possible and would not have happened without the correct diagnosis and sequence of treatment programme.
This testimonial does not begin to express how skilful Jo has been and what she has done for me. At 62 years of age I felt I was destined for an early wheelchair ride, Jo has given me back my mobility and reduced my pain levels by 95%. All I had to do was the exercises, oh and of course not moan when her treatment did create some pain. Yes Jo it did hurt but it was never so true, “no pain – no gain” and we both love you for it.”

David Bournemouth

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