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Dr Jo Abbott’s Clinical Principles

C = Cellular support & functional nutrition

U = Understanding symptoms and self management

R = Release, align, connect and move

E = Evaluate process and progress

Appointment Options with Dr Jo

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Dr Jo Abbott is available in clinic Monday through to Friday, 10am till 5pm, most weeks.  To get an appointment with Dr Jo you will need to have been in communication with her via email (, WhatsApp (0800 3800 603), or phone call (0800 3800 603).  From the conversation’s if an appointment is required, she will organise this for you, whilst also providing you further information about your appointment content and duration.

The duration of your appointment is not fixed providing you with the time and space you need to maximise your appointment with Dr Jo.  The total cost of your appointment will be summarised and invoiced to you after your appointment.


Once your appointment has been made for you, within a couple of hours you shall receive a WhatsApp message and an email confirming your appointment.  On your confirmation email you will receive information on the location, parking, things to bring with you to your appointment.  Most importantly, within the email, there will be a link to the new patient clinic waiver eform which needs to be completed as soon as you can, allowing Dr Jo plenty of time to read your medical details. Failure to complete the eform prior to your appointment will cost time at the beginning of your appointment to complete it.  This eform is a legal requirement prior to assessment, treatment and advice can be given.

Wear loose fitting clothing, shorts and a vest are preferable.  Please avoid wearing lycra or any other tight fitting clothing.

If you have any medical images or consultant letters relevant to your appointment with Dr Jo Abbott, please bring them with you.  Dr Jo has software enabling her to open most medical CD’s. All documents/CDs are given back at the end of your appointment. Please take time to read Dr jo Abbott’s business terms and conditions by clicking this link.


You will be attending Dr Jo Abbott’s private clinic in Poole, Dorset.  If driving to your appointment, please make time to have a short walk before your appointment.  The clinic location is a 1 minute walk to the beach.  Take the perfect opportunity to gain the benefits from coastal living by having a walk to the beach for some fresh sea air.

At the time of your appointment, to the right of the gate next to the guttering, you will see a Ring doorbell.  Please ring the doorbell and wait for Dr Jo to come meet you.


After you have settled in, Dr Jo Abbott will begin her investigations by asking you to identify your main complaint, often this is the reason as to why you have made the appointment.  Dr Jo uses various skills, techniques, and tests to identify the root causes to your complaint. These tests may include; urinalysis, blood tests, mineral testing, stool tests, postural and movement analysis, dynamic ultrasound imaging, applied kinesiology, etc.  All tests and treatments on the day of your appointment are inclusive of your appointment fees.  If further lab testing is required, Jo will discuss this with you on the day of your appointment.

There are refreshments and toilet facilities are available on site.  If your health means you need to consume food/drink regularly, we can pause your appointments for you to take rest-bites in the garden.

Once the cause of your main complaint has been identified, Dr Jo will summarise the findings and provide a plan for you on how to improve these circumstances.

At this time, yourself and Dr Jo will discuss whether you need to attend a further appointment, and if so dates and times shall be agreed upon before you leave.


Dr Jo Abbott’s costs are £100 per hour.  At the end of your appointment, the accrued time you spent with Dr Jo will be tallied up and you shall be invoiced the full amount for immediate payment.  Payment can be made by BACS, Apple Pay, or Credit Card (via Stripe).

Where necessary, a follow-up appointment shall be made for you and/or Dr Jo will create a personal programme for you to follow to ensure you meet all your goals.

Dr Jo is happy for you to contact her (Free of charge) via email ( or call/WhatsApp (0800 3800 603) if you need any support with your homework.

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