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What is health without musculoskeletal health?


Hi and welcome to my website.

June 2023 I completed my Doctorate researching musculoskeletal ill-health.  My research is driven by both personal experience of chronic back pain, and my curious nature to all things currently unknown.

Everyday I work alongside a professional team of 11 likeminded allied health professionals – all who are underpinned by the same ethics and morals in their practice.  We put the patient/client first and focus on reducing their relative risks of ill health.

Jo Abbott – Clinical Biomechanist, Anatomist, Nutritionist, Phlebotomist, Innovator, & Researcher

James Hill
James Hill
21:04 05 Apr 22
Can not thank Jo enough for looking after me. She managed to explain and demonstrate the issues I have been having for... many years. I was then able to understand what was need to be achieved. If you are in need of help please reach out it will be the best thing you have done this year. The Road2Recovery is more
Stephen Fowley
Stephen Fowley
11:14 11 Feb 20
Finally, after 35 years of treatment, I found Jo! She has taken the time to really understand the range of symptoms I... have in my back, neck and shoulders so that she can find and treat the underlying causes. There is light at the end of the more
Alan Walsh
Alan Walsh
17:40 22 Jan 20
I’ve found Jo very thorough. She will spend a lot of time checking and rechecking that she has the diagnosis right. The... instils a lot of confidence.The exercises she recommends are spot on.Thanks Jo!read more
Sarah Sibley
Sarah Sibley
10:34 22 Jan 20
Tara Patton
Tara Patton
07:49 21 Jan 20
Fantastic. I saw Jo back in early December and it was really refreshing to take the focus away from firefighting... specific areas and start to understand from head to toe what is happening. Jo encourages you to take ownership and responsibility for your rehab and it's great to start to understand what is happening and why. I'm early on in my journey but feel motivated to follow Jo's advice and break that cycle. Jo is really passionate about what she does and you feel that she is on the journey with you which is quite rare. Watch this more
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The science of biomechanics helps explain the causes of cell, tissue, organ and body system disorders, and supports clinicians in the diagnosis, prognosis and evaluation of treatment methods and technologies. Clinical Biomechanics aims to strengthen the links between laboratory and clinic by publishing cutting-edge biomechanics research which helps to explain the causes of injury and disease, and which provides evidence contributing to improved clinical management.

Clinical Biomechanics explores all facets of body system, organ, tissue and cell biomechanics, with an emphasis on medical and clinical applications of the basic science aspects. The role of basic science is therefore recognised in a medical or clinical context.


Rather than working on pre-developed food plans and nutritional regimes that have been used time and time again with sometimes limited success rates, you will have a plan customised to your individual needs and requirements.

I can say with confidence that it will be ‘your plan’ because it will be be formatted by us using the results of a number of clinical tests of whats inside you and what comes out of you – there will be no guess work.  You will get a specific non-invasive approach to your nutrition with a focus on reducing functional decline and restoring health & wellbeing.


What is Occupational Health?

The Body MOT Systems Occupational Health Team are passionate motivational clinical practitioners and scientists, therefore all attending workshops/training will leave eager to apply techniques they have learned.

We reduce days lost to back pain up to 63% within the first 12 months of partnership, decrease incidence of musculoskeletal disorders up to 71%, and reduce minor illnesses by up to 68% in your Business.

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What is Mentoring?

Mentoring needs to be ​‘giving a person, paying for a service, what they need to progress, grow and be successful’.​ Enrolling on a course ​does not tick this box​.

There are many reasons why you should consider a mentor; Access to Experience, Objective Observation, Motivation, Tough Love, A Trusted Partner, Direction and Drive, Virtual and/or in person, Mentoring with Colleagues, Continued Professional Development (CPDs).

What is a 1-Day Clinical Consultation?

It’s a simple service: I attend your clinic, with your patient(s), working as a team with you and your colleagues.  Applying, utilising, assessing, clinical biomechanics and nutrition.  Happy to support your patients journey in their pursuit of optimal health and wellbeing.  A thorough consultation will allow me to bespoke yours and your patient(s) needs for the session.

A full clinical biomechanics and/or nutritional report is written and sent to the team leader within 24 hours of attending the clinic session.

What is online learning?

Are you interested in learning more about a particular aspect of your health?  We offer on demand learning modules so you can get better acquainted with the fundamentals of health and wellness.  Understand the particular conditions that concern you and your well-being.

Why use a referral?

Bringing together multi-disciplinary professionals to create a familial community in which we may cross pollinate with other like minded professionals.

Through mutual professional respect we may connect, communicate and learn from each other thus providing us all with opportunity for growth of knowledge, development of skills, access to additional education and to an open, supportive and non-judgmental platform for conversation and debate from which we may all mature, enhance and diversify our personal beliefs in practice. This will in turn result in greater health and wellbeing for all of our clients.

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