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The BodyMOT Systems Academy has been instrumental in reducing Corporate Absenteeism within the Fire Service, whilst converting 93% of enquiries to other services within your Company.  Written under the guidelines of ACSM (American Council of Sports Medicine).

The BodyMOT system is  Lifestyle Screening – By using the most efficient, accurate and versatile equipment a BodyMOT optimises cellular health and movement performance.  All the screens have been developed to ensure the maximum potential with minimum disturbance to everyday life. Used by Dorset Fire & Rescue Service in UK – keeping the Firefighters at peak performance“. TERESA DIXON, INTRINSIC PERFORMANCE, NEW ZEALAND

BodyMOT Coach Academy

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    BodyMOT Coach Level 1

    From: £200.00 / month for 6 months

    This Course is an Introduction in to the world of medicinal nutrition.  Whether you are new to this subject or needing a refresher course in the subject, this Course is for you.  We work very practically.  We measure health, we investigate the cause of ill health, then we prescribe lifestyle changes and specific foods to support good health and reduce need for pharmaceuticals.  We explore modern day ailments linked to poor cellular health, common day mistakes made in nutrition, and various cultures and beliefs underpinning specific pathologies.


    BodyMOT Coach Level 2

    From: £200.00 / month for 6 months

    Join us exploring the epidemics that we currently face, or soon will, in today’s ‘push-button’ society. Firstly we start by understanding how modern technology allows us to see inside the human body, whilst also appreciating the limitations of such aids. This Course aligns itself with the current thinking of the World Health Organisation and will be uncovering social and environmental disorders and diseases and how best we can reduce our risks. Prerequisite: Fully qualified BodyMOT Coach Level 1.


    BodyMOT Coach Level 3

    From: £200.00 / month for 6 months

    Finally Level 3.. Clinical Disorders and Diseases are increasing in the worlds population, until we fully understand the 'how's' and 'why's' may we begin to control the statistics. Once we have this knowledge, we then improve the lifestyles and reduce the risks and symptoms of those already diagnosed with these diseases and disorders. Explore how to build your businesses with the last four Modules focusing on building your business whilst marketing to all potential customers.


    BodyMOT Coach Level 4


    This Course has been specifically designed for those wishing to be more involved in growing the BodyMOT Coach family; those who are passionate about spreading the knowledge and sharing with others. Maybe you would like to build a BodyMOT Coaching business alongside your existing business? To be a part of this exceptional team you will need to allow for two training days per year with your peers. Prerequisite: Fully qualified BodyMOT Coach 1, 2, & 3.

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do I need to live in the UK to qualify?

No. Our courses are designed so that the whole world may participate, learn, grow and share the information. We run ‘live’ online courses, video support, and Skype sessions to support those living outside the UK.

How do I choose what is best for me?

Firstly, start with a subject that is of interest to you or a subject matter that you believe is going to support your professional and possibly personal life.

As a Professional, do i have to complete the certification (video and report submission for examination)?

No.  Certification gives you the credibility of the qualification by applying all learnt skills on a Case Study whilst you  can then use of the BodyMOT Coaching Systems within your business.  If you choose not to become certified you will receive attendance recognition.

Do I have to complete the online training every month?

The online learning is set out monthly to ensure you not only gain the knowledge of the subject, but that you the time after the online learning to ‘put the skills in to your hands’ by exploring further.  You do need to have completed all online learning units preceding the practical training day.

How will this help my business?

Increase revenue and keep your clients and diversify your investments – it’s the Solution for the new Economy.  Health and Fitness companies spend thousands each year on trying to find new clients… Save your thousands and focus on the ones you already have.  They are your biggest reward.  Reduce the risk of losing clientele.  Having the perfect tool to ensure your clients truly understand what has been the missing link to a clients health and well-being.

Can I progress?

Yes.  All clinical subjects start with Level 1 allowing you to progress to Level 5.

Can I start Level 1 Clinical Anatomy and Level 1 Clinical Biomechanics?


If I am a previous BodyMOT Coach would I be able to sign up for these new clinical subjects?

Yes, and your BodyMOT Coach Certification is still recognised.  You will also get refunded for any Units you have already completed in your past training with me.

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