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“Turned my Life Around. My lovely friend Helen told me I must get in contact with Jo Abbot because I had been suffering from constant fatigue, low or non existent energy levels and weight gain even tho’ I exercised regularly and ate a healthy diet. In the last few years I had put on 2 stone.I had spoken to my G.P., a nutritionalist in Woking, a consultant in the Hampshire clinic and a dietician in the Hampshire clinic, all of whom told me I was a mother of 3 young children and that was my “problem”. The Consultant even told me that “eating children’s leftover was a big problem for lots of young mothers!!!”. So appalling!In November 2014 Helen was on a yoga retreat and heard “Jo” speaking. Helen kept saying, “Cherie, you have to speak to this lady, she is brilliant, really knows her stuff, she will be able to help you”. I got in contact with Jo, we had a long chat and within no time atall she had me diagnosed, leaky gut syndrome! Jo advised me of what I needed to do…with various recipes and programs. SHE HAS TURNED MY LIFE AROUND!Jo stripped my diet right back, she advised me of the nutrients I needed, she kept in contact and good days or bad, she was always there with an answer. Now 4 months on, I have lost 14lbs, my energy levels are so much higher, the tiredness has gone and I eat a more plant based diet because that’s what my body feels good on and that’s what energises me. Jo’s knowledge is fascinating, she knows what it’s like to feel low and how good it feels to come bouncing back to life.My journey was rough to begin with, even tough at times but hen I started to see results and now after 4 years, I can wear jeans again! Jo literally gave me back my mojo! She’s just INCREDIBLE!”

Cherie Hampshire

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This will enable us to ensure not only are “we right for you” but also that “you are right for us”. Rehabilitation is a two-way Partnership; we need to know if we are able to give you what you need, and we need to be sure you will participate in all corrections to improving your well being.

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