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“Exhausted all Treatments. I had a muscle imbalance which I had tried to correct via numerous methods and treatments without success. I felt I needed a 1-1 assessment which would give me an accurate reading of my problems with a personal regime to counteract it, I was very hopeful with making the appointment.

Throughout all the Assessments I was made to feel very relaxed, confirmation mainly of what I knew in relation to what my body was doing, but also a lot more explanation and detail. I got a complete analysis of what was happening, together with a personal exercise programme to isolate the problems and work directly on those areas. All my expectations were met with regards to my expectations. The outcome was very accurate and the exercises provided seem good, but it is taking longer to correct than I anticipated despite following the regime religiously. I can see improvements, however, possibly living with the problems for so long, miss diagnosis after miss diagnosis might have emphasised this prolonged relief. I have got more energy now and am able to control the onset of pain to an extent. I would certainly recommend Jo’s professional approach, knowledge and expertise. I think the personal 1-1 approach is brilliant, especially with a chronic condition like I have. If and when I get to the point that I am able to carry out my normal everyday chores (and of course the more fun exercise and leisure activities!) without pain, then I will recommend the programme wholeheartedly.”

Anne Bournemouth

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This will enable us to ensure not only are “we right for you” but also that “you are right for us”. Rehabilitation is a two-way Partnership; we need to know if we are able to give you what you need, and we need to be sure you will participate in all corrections to improving your well being.

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