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“Chasing Pain for Years! I had been experiencing various persistent pains for a number of years, which were preventing me from exercising effectively, which was leaving me very frustrated and resulting in consistent weight gain.
As a result of biomechanical assessments, Jo was able to explain what was causing these pains, predominantly in my hips and knees. She devised a number of stretches and exercises to correct my movements and muscle weaknesses, and within a couple of weeks I was able to do what I’d missed most – running.
As a result of her fitness and biomechanical assessments I have been following a very effective workout program, and am finally shedding the weight that I’d been steadily gaining. My all-round health and fitness have improved dramatically in the last ten weeks.
I was no fitness novice, and was fairly informed about exercise and good eating, but Jo has really expanded my understanding of effective exercise and the importance of biomechanics.
I would thoroughly recommend an assessment for anyone – fitness novice, intermediate or even expert. It’s been an incredibly rewarding experience, and the insights into the workings of one’s own body are incredibly fascinating.”

Lori New Forest

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