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“Personally I feel fantastic and it is all down to you and your amazing healthy programme especially the BodyMOT Lifestyle & Biomechanical Assessment.
I visited Jo on the recommendation of a friend and with a view to just finding out where I was in the spectrum of being un-fit. I could not consider myself to be particularly fit. I was amazed to find myself exceptionally dehydrated, and did not realise the dramatic negative effect that dehydration has on your body. If you look at a piece of fresh and juicy plump fruit then at a wizened piece of fruit you would always choose the fresh hydrated fruit as the dehydrated piece of fruit would be exceptionally dry inside and very unappealing in both taste and looks. Our bodies are just the same, we work better when everything is lubricated. You would not think of running your car without any water, petrol or oil as we all know what would happen. Well I was running below par prior to my visit to Jo. She recommended that I mix Dioralyte or any re-hydration powder when drinking water, and to do this on a regular basis. As a result my hydration levels have risen by 2 litres, apparently the body should have between 43 and 52 litres of fluid just to keep it ticking over in a healthy way. Mine was at 37 litres. I undertook the BodyMOT Lifestyle & Biomechanical Assessment which was an incredible experience and highlighted a few areas which I needed to work upon. Jo devised a simple 20 minute personal Biomechanical programme for me to follow which could be incorporated very easily into my day to day activities, reducing injury and eliminating my postural imbalances and massively increasing my energy levels. I would highly recommend a yearly BodyMOT Lifestyle & Biomechanical Assessment to anyone who believes prevention is better than cure. In this day and age of looking after the pennies, and our health, Jo’s programme is exceptional value for money.”

Andrea London

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