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Great Professionals!

Since 2008, I have been trying to understand ‘why‘ the practice of musculoskeletal science and therapy is failing the World’s Population who have a musculoskeletal disorder, disease, and disability.  The evidence from the World Health Organisation and the CDC makes this point very clearly (READ MORE), each year more people are reporting musculoskeletal disorders (MSD-1) – in fact, in 2018 the World Health Organisation have now identified there are now 150 MSD-1.  So, putting it mildly, the industry needs a shake-up!

Using your imagination: I am the sort of person who will ask the question whilst pursuing a debate of evidence (clinical and scientific) that explains why MSD statistics are out of control.  This doesn’t always make me the most popular person in the room, in fact I may just blog soon on all the different ways professionals try to shrug me off – it’s quite entertaining.  However, there are also times where I am taken care of and nurtured by complete strangers – you know who you are – and it is the very kindness and curiousness of these people who give me the strength and courage to keep going.  This is a public ‘thank you’ to you all.  Without you (being you) none of this is possible.

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