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Jo’s Power Packed Lunchtime Shake

Full of the best organic ingredients with multiple health benefits. Takes 15 minutes to make from fresh.

Power Packed Shake….. Jo Abbott style

Most days of the week I am up  at 0530 hours to begin prepping my day based on sleep quality and heart rate variability (HRV) readiness.  Firstly, animals get fed and watered, dog walk, and then I either hit the PhD or open my clinic.  Often, I am fasting and prefer to eat a ketogenic diet for health and wellbeing. Generally, I like to complete my specific movement training exercises in the afternoon.  Therefore, my lunchtime meal needs to be nutrient dense, promote satiety, prep me for a HIIT session, and be enjoyable to consume.

The ingredients list is for making up to 600ml’s – 1 Serving.  I like a big long drink – if you prefer smaller and/or thicker shakes then halve the milk quantity.


  1. Shaker bottle or blender


  1. 500ml unsweetened almond milk roasted – Alpro
  2. 1 scoop organic MCT powder – Nutiva
  3. 10 grams green banana resistance starch – Natural Evolution
  4. 12ml vanilla ZinZino EFA oil
  5. 1tsp organic maca powder
  6. 5 grams inulin
  7. 10 grams glycine
  8. 30 grams vanilla isopure protein powder
  9. 20 drops of your choice of flavouring  – I love Foodie Flavours, there’s a huge choice!

Optional add-ons:

  1. 1 tsp bee pollen (local)
  2. 5 grams mushroom mix – I tend to break open the capsules and empty contents in to the shake.


  1. Put all ingredients in shaker/mixer and blend, add ice cubes if you like your shakes nice and cold.

Nutritional Data

9.6 grams Net carbs, 27.6 grams Protein, 16.5 grams Fat, 350 Calories.

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