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Having the time and space to talk is vital for patients to progress with success.  With the incredulous advances in digital technology communications during COVID-19, we now have multiple media options to choose from to provide you and I a safe place to touch-base with you regarding your musculoskeletal (MSK) health and wellbeing.


Why a Virtual Consult?

  1. No travel/drive time to get to the appointment
  2. A convenient and timely way to deal with anything you need support with
  3. Affordable and continuous progression with your MSK health
  4. Because every time research asks the question from MSK patients “What is the perfect MSK appointment”? the answer is…
    1. Needing their story to be heard and the appointment not rushed
    2. Wanting to feel that they can chat to their rehabilitation team about all the things that are worrying them

Why Virtual?

COVID-19 is teaching us many things as human beings.  Some of us are paying attention to these life lessons and learning from them.  Whilst others are not.  The ‘techi’s’ that are paying close attention to global needs have made some of the most incredible leaps in digital technology.  During this time, I have had a close eye on the developments.  I identified the most relevant, reliable, and valid technologies that would bring all patients/clients superior support.

I buried my head in these technology product advancements.  I took on the role as a patient/client exploring if any of the benefits from the products was of value to MSK Health.  I am thrilled to be able to embed these in to my personal ethics and morals that underpin my business and offer them to you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can we chat about?

  • Anything you need support on
    • Nutrition
    • Pain
    • Medication
    • Supplements
    • Seeking a therapist
    • Equipment
    • Exercise
    • And more.  It’s your space and your time.

How long should I book?

That really does depend upon what you would like to discuss and at what depth.  Maybe consider the following:

  • If you don’t book enough time, we may have to end our session abruptly as there may be another booking after you.
  • If you book too much time, I can always refund you the cost difference.

To maximise your time, write a list of subject matters you need to discuss and keep to your script.



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