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The initial appointment gives you time to tell Jo your story.  This time will factor in to Jo structuring a bespoke profile goal focused programme for you.  This will maximise your potential because it is focused on your current needs and life time goals.


Initial Appointment with Jo Abbott

An ‘Initial Appointment’ is for people who:

  1. are seeing Jo for their first appointment
  2. are returning after a 3-month break from your last session with Jo
  3. have had a free online consultation with Jo and you have been advised to book this session

Unlimited Duration

The importance of an initial appointment should not be underestimated, scientists suggest, time spent exploring the patient’s story is the foundation to patient success.  The unlimited appointment time gives you the opportunity to tell your story. Share your thoughts and feelings about your health and wellness, where you have come from, to where you desire to be – This is the foundation of this session.  The initial appointment allows Jo time to structure a bespoke goal focused programme for you maximising your potential.

Summary of inclusive actions:

  1. Clinical Biomechanical assessment exploring relative risks and contributing factors to musculoskeletal ill-health
  2. Clinical nutrition consultation (if needed)
  3. Clinical blood tests (if needed)
  4. Explanation of the findings, at the level you need
  5. Treatment (pending outcome of findings)
  6. Proposed rehabilitation plan (if needed)
  7. Corrective Exercise Prescription (online or paper options!)

Don’t forget, there are virtual alternatives too!  Learn more


£100/per 30 minutes


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