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A virtual movement screen is not dissimilar.  Initially, we chat. I collect data on you standing, sitting, and moving using the best instruments/tools digitally.  Collectively the data is analysed by me enabling me to provide you with the ‘best’ corrective work.



Why a Virtual Screening?

During your virtual screening with me I will use an array of instruments that provide me with extrinsic (external) and intrinsic (internal) biomechanical data on you.  I always collect data with you in standing, moving, and lying down.  I marry this data with the information you give me (via forms and chatting).

NB: The Virtual screening consists of a 30 minute consultation and a further 2 hours of my time in order for me to complete your analysis and provide you with your corrective work. 

Why Virtual?

COVID-19 is teaching us many things as human beings.  Some of us are paying attention to these life lessons and learning from them. Whilst others are not.  The ‘techi’s’ that are paying close attention to global needs have made some of the most incredible leaps in digital technology.  I have had a close eye on the developments throughout this period.  This has allowed me to identify the most relevant, reliable, and valid technologies that would bring all my patients/clients superior support.

Burying my head in these technology product advancements.  I took on the role as a patient/client exploring if any of the benefits from the products was of value to MSK Health.  I am thrilled to be able to embed these in to my personal ethics and morals that underpin my business and offer them to you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s in it for me?

All this data/information goes through multiple challenges building upon a hypothesis.  A theory of ‘why’ you are feeling the way you are.  The ‘best’ hypothesis I make, allows me to then give the ‘best’ corrective work (treatment, exercise, nutriment, advice).  This provides you with the ‘ideal’ outcome of feeling/moving better.

A virtual movement screen is not dissimilar.  Initially, we chat. I collect data on you standing, sitting, and moving using the best instruments/tools digitally.  Collectively the data is analysed by me enabling me to provide you with the ‘best’ corrective work.

  • Treatment: if needed, I shall explain to you how you can correct this yourself using specific ‘tools’. If unsuccessful, then I shall advise the ‘best’ health care professional I would like you to make an appointment.  This will help us progress in a timely manner.
  • Exercise: if needed, prescripted exercises through Webexercise (an online exercise video website).  If you require bespoke exercises we shall complete these ‘live’ on Zoom or WhatsApp.

What do I gain from a Virtual Screen?

Exactly the same service as you would have received when attending my clinic but with the added bonus of no travel & more flexible time / date options.

What do I miss out on by not seeing you ‘in person’?

The simple answer is… nothing! With the advances in technology over recent years and even more so during the COVID-19 period i can do EVERYTHING required for your biomechanics screening online that I would historically have done for you ‘in person’

Why can’t I come to your clinic to see you?

Because you will absolutely get everything you need from my virtually ! Trust me, i have spent the last 4 months testing this theory and ensuring that i can have the means and tools to do this.
COVID-19 has raised alot of issues, for alot of people. The mainstain of who I am, my job and belief system is based on the heath and well being of my clients/patients, my loved ones and myself. Until COVID is truly under control (following science based guidance rather than the ‘cherry-picked’ information from the government) I therefore will not be running any  ‘in person’ clinics for the forseeable future.

Why am I being charged the same as what you used to charge when i had an appointment with you at your clinic?

In a nutshell, because you will be receiving the same time, expertise, assistance, guidance and advice as when you would have seen me ‘in person’ at my clinic.

App Needed

Android Phone

Apple Phone


PRO-MSK Health

Sitting and standing with proper postural alignment will allow one to work more efficiently with less fatigue and strain on your body’s ligaments and muscles. Being aware of good posture is the first step to breaking old poor postural habits and reducing stress and strain on your spine (Southern California Orthopaedic Institute).

Proper posture improves spine health.   Sitting and standing with proper alignment improves blood flow, helps keep your nerves and blood vessels healthy, and supports your muscles, ligaments, and tendons. People who make a habit of using correct posture are less likely to experience related back and neck pain (Barrington Orthopaedic Specialists).

One of the major tasks of the central nervous system is to coordinate posture and movement. Human posture is built up from the superposition of several “modules’ from the ground to the head. Each module, tied to the next one by muscles, has its proper central and reflex regulation which permits to maintain its position in relation to the underlying one (Agid, 1990).


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